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Study on the Impact of Renewable Energy Off-Grid Projects

The objective of this study is to analyze the social, economic, and environmental impact of National Government (DAK and APBN) funded RE off-grid solutions and to advice Direktorat Jenderal Energi Baru, Terbarukan, dan Konservasi Energi (EBTKE) or Directorate of New and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation and the sector on optimal project planning strategies. Advice […]

Evaluation on Implementations and Governances of TFCA Sumatera

AKATIGA’s April report reviews phase 1 of the TFCA Sumatera program (2010-2015). The TFCA program focuses on returning 40% forest cover to Sumatra and a 14% reduction in forestry emissions, necessary to restoring life support systems and Sumatra’s dynamic biodiversity. With many of the most important ecosystems left out of protected area boundaries, the TFCA […]


Struggling for a job

When Albert told me of how he had tried for five years to find a decent job, he had just returned from Jakarta and was on the run from the police. He had been in a fight with a police officer in a nightclub there, and they were looking for him. The 25-year-old man from […]


Let’s be young farmers

Although younger generations often considered not interested in agriculture, in fact, there are still many who are interested in it. Unfortunately, those interested still are hindered by various obstacles. Research from the Centre for Social Analysis AKATIGA found that three of the main obstacles that are faced by young people who want to farm are […]