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The Double Burden of Small Business Women

What’s the difference between female and male micro-workers? The difference is, even though the time spent working and the contribution of their income to the family is not small, women are often seen as not working.

Street vendors and Employment West Java

The promises of the elected governor and deputy governor of West Java regarding the provision of jobs are a great hope for all West Java residents, namely the hope of getting a better life with a good job as well.

Between City Population, Poverty, & Good Governance

The world’s population has now reached 6.5 billion people. This number will continue to grow considering that every second birth 4.4 babies. According to estimates, the world population in 2050 is expected to reach 9 billion (Global Demographic Divide; Mary Kent, 2006).

And the Winner Is: Poverty!

Juhri is already old man, he is 65 years old. Both legs were paralyzed. He had been complaining of headaches for a long time. But that Saturday (22/10/2005) morning, he looked healthy.