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FC Fatayat NU Bandung Regency Launches Voiced Women Escorting JKN-KIS

Fatayat NU is an organization that operates as a form of NU’s concern for women in order to receive religious education through NU (Nlahdatul Ulama).

FC Fatayat Nahddatul Ulama (NU) Bandung Regency held the Launching of “Women with a Voice Overseeing JKN-KIS” at Korpri Building Komlek Pemda Soreang, (16/9/21)

Hj. Yayu Juhariyah S.P. in his speech thanked the Regent of Bandung H. Dadang Supriatna who had facilitated the running of this event well, he said

Furthermore, Yayu said, “This activity for women to have a voice was initiated by Akatiga in collaboration with Fatayat NU”, he said. Chairperson of Fatayat explained, “This activity is to increase the capacity of Fatayat cadres, as a young women’s organization Nahdatul Ulama (NU)”, said Yayu

Also improving health services and JKN-KIS for poor families and JKN participants through the assistance of Fatayat NU Cadres.

“As well as to increase Advocacy capabilities in creating improvements to health service policies,” he added.

Bandung Regent H. Dadang Supriatna explained in his speech that FC Fatayat NU cannot be separated from participating in supporting development in Bandung Regency, he said.

“I feel grateful because I am part of Nahdatul Ulama who became the Regent of Bandung Regency. I am very grateful for the cohesiveness of the NU people to support the development that I lead,” said regent Kang DS. (Iding)