FC Fatayat NU Bandung Regency Launches Voiced Women Escorting JKN-KIS

Fatayat NU is an organization that operates as a form of NU's concern for women in order to receive religious education through NU (Nlahdatul Ulama).

The Regent of Bandung Appreciates the “Women Voice Overseeing JKN-KIS” AKATIGA – Fatayat NU

The Regent of Bandung Dadang Supriatna welcomed and appreciated the Women with a Voice Overseeing JKN-KIS program.

Women Voice: Fatayat NU Pati is Ready to Supervise the Implementation of JKN-KIS

Pati Regency Branch Manager (PC)-Fatayat Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) said they were ready to oversee the implementation JKN-KIS program.

Ina Erna Slamet-Velsink

In the history of intellectualism and activism in Indonesia, there are only a few women who consistently work and contribute to agrarian research and strengthening farmer groups in Indonesia. One of the few is Ina Erna Slamet-Velsink.

Agriculture Becomes Hope in Maintaining Village Economic Stability during the Pandemic Period

The pandemic has not only affected economic conditions in urban areas but also in rural areas. The form of impact that appears in the village is a decrease in purchasing power, increased unemployment, and decreased economic productivity.

More Inclusive Village Treasury Land Management

This discussion was held in the hall of the Podoluhur Village Office and was attended by the Head of Dispermades-P3A, Head of Section for Revenue, Financial Management and Village Assets of Dispermades P3A, representatives from Bappeda, representatives from the Governance Section of the Regional Secretariat and representatives from Klirong District.