Village Treasury Land Governance in Kalibeji Village, Kebumen

To learn the pattern of Village Treasury Land Governance in Kebumen, AKATIGA, as well as FORMASI, held a series of assessment activities in 6 villages in Kebumen. One of them is Kalibeji village, Sempor sub-district.

Discussion Advocacy on Governance of Village Treasury Land for Poor Communities

Together with FORMASI (Civil Society Forum) Kebumen, AKATIGA held a discussion on "Policy Advocacy Strategy: Natural Resources/Land, Agriculture, Job Opportunities for Young People in Rural Areas. The discussion was held at the Formasi Headquarters, Jl. South Circle No. km. 4, Pakeyongan, Podoluhur, Klirong, Kebumen.

Being Young, Female and Poor

Novita, a 43-year-old woman in rural West Manggarai (Flores), has helped in her parents’ rice field since she was a young girl. Now she is married and still manages the farm while her husband, like many men in the village, travels to do non-agricultural work outside the village.

Struggling for a job

When Albert told me of how he had tried for five years to find a decent job, he had just returned from Jakarta and was on the run from the police. He had been in a fight with a police officer in a nightclub there, and they were looking for him.

City For Whom?

Instead of being a focus for growth and prosperity, cities have become dumping grounds for excess populations working in unskilled, unprotected, and low-wage informal service industries and trades. (UN Habitat 2003, in (Davis 2004)

Agriculture Regeneration Problem

Apart from productivity and limited land, another problem facing Indonesian agriculture is farmer regeneration. The 2013 agricultural census data shows that more than 80 percent of agricultural business households are aged 35 years and over. In addition, from 2008 to 2012 there was a reduction of more than one million young farmers in Indonesia (Ministry of Agriculture 2015).