Aprilia Ambarwati


Aprilia, or who is fondly called Lia, took her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology at Gajah Mada University (UGM). Lia joined AKATIGA since 2013 and focuses on youth, agriculture and rural issues.
During the 2015-2017 period he was involved in research in the “Role of the District and Improvement of Frontline Trade and Gender Survey Services”. Currently, Lia is still involved in research on “Becoming Young Farmer” with Ben White, and is still on the same issue and is currently involved in action research Let’s be Young Farmer, which is a program from HIVOS.

One of her latest publications is: Land tenure and agrarian structure in regions of small-scale food production (2015) published in the book “Land and Development in Indonesia: Searching for the People’s Sovereignty”.