Charina Chazali

Executive Director

Charina is an alumni of the Anthropology department at the University of Indonesia and completed her master’s degree at the Institute of Social Studies (the Netherlands) in the field of Social Policy for Development. He joined AKATIGA in 2013 and is involved in various research topics such as social change and institutions in rural areas, agriculture and youth employment opportunities, and evaluation of poverty alleviation programs.

Together with AKATIGA, Charina has published several publications in scientific journals and popular writings. One of his most recent publications is entitled Developing Rural Economic Institutions: Learning from Experience (2017) in the book “Politics and Local Economy in Indonesia” published by IRE, Yogyakarta. Apart from researching, Charina also formulates a dissemination strategy of AKATIGA’s research results which aims to develop partnerships and organizational networks as well as policy advocacy.

Charina started serving as Executive Director of AKATIGA since April 12, 2021.