Board/Senior Researcher

Isono Sadoko is a researcher with long experience in evaluation and safeguards research. Sonny, as he is affectionately called, has taken master’s degrees several times after graduating from ITB Architecture. He earned a master’s degree in International Affairs in Economic Policy Management from Columbia University, United States of America; Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands; and a Post Graduate Diploma in Housing Policy from the Institute of Housing Studies, the Netherlands.

He was a consultant at HIVOS and experienced with the World Bank, especially in providing training to young specialists (experts) regarding the social impacts on the poor of a project. Some of his involvement in AKATIGA is as a study coordinator and supervisor related to evaluation monitoring in the Family Hope Program, efforts to improve basic services, and business and gender barriers in SMEs for export.

His last publication was published in the book “Portrait of Politics and Local Economy in Indonesia (2017)” issued by the Institute of Research and Empowerment (IRE), Yogyakarta.