Rahmad Efendi

Researcher/Communication & Partnership

Rahmad Efendi is a researcher at AKATIGA. His research areas include issues of empowerment, civil society movements, policy advocacy and governance. Together with AKATIGA, he has been involved in various evaluation and action research related to natural resource management for empowering marginalized communities.

Apart from that, he is also responsible for communication and partnership activities, namely in the production of social media content, dissemination of research results, and managing relations with the ring network of AKATIGA partner CSOs. Since 2018 until now, he has been actively involved in promoting the socialization of the Type III In-house Management mechanism with AKATIGA, KSI, LKPP and the LinkLSM Consortium, including by being the author of the Type III In-house Management Pocket book and as the LinkLSM.id Platform Development Program Coordinator.

He earned his bachelor’s degree from Padjadjaran University in Anthropology.