The Compilation of Achievement of TFCA Sumatera Program (2011-2018) in the form of Spatial Information

The Tropical Forest Conservation Action (TFCA) Sumatra Program ran since 2010 (six cycles, with one cycle starting in 2011), and focuses on the conservation of natural resources and ecosystems in 13 priority ecosystem areas on the island of Sumatera. These programs are framed in the corridors of four intervention strategies defined by TFCA-Sumatera, which include (1) strengthening institutions and policies at each level of conservation stakeholders, (2) management at the landscape level (including protection and restoration), (3) ) protection of keystone species, and (4) strengthening of local communities and communities through incentives and increased welfare.

This study aims to: (1) compile the distribution of investment and program outcomes across all priority landscapes for the 2011-2018 timeframe, (2) analyse changes in the 2011-2018 timeframe, and (3) present data on outcomes and distribution in the form of information spatial and graphic.

This study was conducted through a geospatial approach, by tracking data using reports from all TFCA-Sumatra partners, interviews and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) on the representation of partners in the North and South regions. The data and information obtained were codified and lowered into geospatial data using QGIS software, then managed and visualized through Tableau Desktop data analytics software. The analysis of change is carried out using two approaches: (1) where possible, changes in forest cover between 2009 and 2018 are used as the basis on which programs interventions are evaluated, and (2) theory of change is used to estimate the extent to which the program/activity has the potential to impact the conservation of key landscapes and wildlife on the island of Sumatera.

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  • Year


  • Activity

    Research, Visualitazion

  • Location

    13 priority ecosystem areas on the island of Sumatra.

  • Coordinator

    Angga Dwiartama

  • Researchers

    GIS Expert: Rizqi Abdulharis.
    Researcher: Fadhli Ilhami, Mochammad Fikry Pratama, Nofalia Nurfitriani.
    Designer: Andreas Kusumahadi

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