Study on the Impact of Renewable Energy Off-Grid Projects on the Livelihood of the People in the Sites

This study is conducted to evaluate impact and institutional challenges of renewable energy (RE) off-grid built by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) funding schemes in rural sites. The former aspect of evaluation focuses on studying results of the renewable energy (Solar-PV and micro-hydro grid) in household access to economic, social and environmental aspects of rural beneficiaries. The second aspect of evaluation examines challenges and opportunities of off-grid development institutions in ensuring the sustainability of its electricity access.

The study employs comprehensive method which combine macro and micro analysis as well as quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques.

In study sites, the research investigates results and institutions by utilizing a mixed-method approach. Data were collected through household survey (questionnaires) as well as observations and interviews in the provinces of West Sumatra, East Nusa Tenggara, and Southeast Sulawesi. Survey covered 488 household respondents in 8 treatment sites 9 control sites. Qualitative data were obtained primarily through observations and interviews with 374 informants in 12 villages―consisting of household users, village electricity operators, basic service providers such as local health care staffs and teachers and village government officers. We also interviewed 25 stakeholders in central and subnational government officials as well as contractors. In addition, public documents associated with off-grid governance were analyzed.

To complement micro analyses approaches, cost effectiveness analysis and social life cycle assessment were employed to analyze the economic and social performance of selected renewable energy microgrids from macro perspectives. This macro approach compares this renewable energy microgrids with conventional diesel-based electricity in Indonesia using cost composition data provided by the contractors of the installed microgrids and Social Hotspots Database (SHDB) respectively.

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  • Year

    2018 – 2020

  • Activity

    Research, Impact study, Livelihood, Renewable Energy, Environment, Mixed Methods

  • Location

    Over 20 villages in West Sumatra, East Nusa Tenggara, and Southeast Sulawesi.

  • Coordinator

    Isono Sadoko

  • Researchers

    Team Leader: Yulia Indrawati Sari, Adenantera Dwicaksono, Herlina Wati, Fadhli Ilhami, Akinori Kitsuki (Kyushu University), Alexander Ryota Keeley (Kyushu University), Takeshi Matsushita (Kyushu University), Sentanu Hidrakusuma.
    Field Researcher: Hendra Saut Ricardo Sirait, Hira Almubarokah, Rahmad Effendi, Heppi Hestiana, Kunmiyati Fatimah, Salman Fariz, Tiara Afriani, Handi Prasetyo, Rainaldi Trisnawiguna, Hetty Nurhayati, Ilma Soliha, Jejen Jaenudin, Mutia Latifah, Akhmad Zainal M., Rizki Ersa Heryana, Bewanti Dahani S., Ricky Ardian H. Hezti Insriani, Muklas Aji S., Panji Ardiansyah, Pipin Widianingsih.

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