Women Voice: Fatayat NU Pati is Ready to Supervise the Implementation of JKN-KIS


The Pati Regency Branch Manager (PC)-Fatayat Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) said they were ready to oversee the implementation of the National Health Insurance-Indonesian Health Card (JKN-KIS) program.

This was revealed by the Chairperson of PC Fatayat NU Pati, Asmonah, that her party had formed the Women with Voices Escorting JKN-KIS program to supervise and assist the implementation of this government’s health insurance program.

This program, in collaboration with Akatiga, was carried out in five villages in five sub-districts in Pati Regency. These five districts namely, Gunungwungkal, Dukuhseti, Trangkil, Margorejo and Margoyoso.

“For the village, there are cadres who understand. So each sub-district has one village,” he said.

His party will deploy seven cadres in implementing this program. Five cadres go directly to the field and two cadres act as district coordinators who also have other duties.

These cadres are to carry out monitoring so that BPJS Health data is really valid and right on target. “Those who receive BPJS Health, especially PBI, are correct or not,” he said.

After six months of being declared successful and obtaining a monitoring pattern, his party will expand it to all other sub-districts in Pati Regency.

Meanwhile, Akatiga Team representative Arifahul Choiri Fauzi revealed, apart from Pati Regency, this program also exists in 8 regencies/cities throughout Indonesia. The areas that have this program are the City of Ternate, Jambi, Morojambi, Bandung Regency, Blitar, Kediri, Tegal and Pati.

In other areas, his party is also working with the local Fatayat NU. This program is planned to last for four years.

His party chose Fatayat NU as a partner because Fatayat NU has a cadre base that extends to villages and RTs. “Fatayat has often provided community assistance on various matters, said Arifah.

The focus of this program is to socialize the benefits of JKN KIS, assist the poor who are not yet PBI participants and assist the community in obtaining health services.

This program is funded by the World Bank. They have filed since 2015. (*)