Portrait of the “Glass State”

The Cicadas area was once known as a prone area, a place for drunken, tarok, and slipper makers. There is even its own term to describe the Cicadas area, which is the country of glass.

Village Survival

Many parties worry about the sustainability of agriculture, especially rice farming. This concern is partly due to the high production costs, the narrowing of paddy fields, and the younger generation who are reluctant to work in the fields because they consider working in the fields to be dirty, unprofitable and demeaning.

World Bank and Good Governance

With the third highest loan size in Indonesia in 2005 (US$8.8 billion, after Japan and the IMF), the World Bank is the most influential and most controversial institution in Indonesia today.

The Double Burden of Small Business Women

What's the difference between female and male micro-workers? The difference is, even though the time spent working and the contribution of their income to the family is not small, women are often seen as not working.

It’s Time for the Government to Make a Policy to Protect the TPT Industry

In the five years until early 2006, 467 textile and textile product (TPT) industries went out of business. A total of 227 (48.6%) of them are located in West Java. What happened?

Street vendors and Employment West Java

The promises of the elected governor and deputy governor of West Java regarding the provision of jobs are a great hope for all West Java residents, namely the hope of getting a better life with a good job as well.